Memories: Virgina Woolf

Elisabeth W├Ârndl
Series of 20 colour prints, each 40 x 60 cm, mounted, 2014

Memories consist of several series, which are connected with each other. The work is about preserving, recollecting, seeing anew. The first part deals with Virginia Woolf. (1882 - 1941) The photographs were taken in Monk's House, the house of Virginia and Leonard Woolf, in South England. Here the intellectual inheritance of the London Bloomsbury Group around Virginia Woolf (1930th and 40th) should be made accessible for people from today. The photos throw a glance on the life of Virginia Woolf. Also the friendship between vita Sackville-West and Virginia Woolf is implicated. (Sissinghurst Castle) Exhibition: Galerie Splitter Art, Batya Horn, Wien, November 2014.